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Alliance International is a leading pulp and Paper Mill Machinery Products supplier including paper machinery components. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery.

Stock preparation - Agro Based Products

We supply stock preparation agro based products for pulp and paper machinery.

Mc Pressure Screen(Zys Series)

We supply Mc Pressure Screen(Zys Series).
  Mc Pressure Screen Used for enclosed screening flow for chemical wood, straw and reed pulp;
  Hc Pressure Refiner Used for coarse screening and fine screening for wood, straw and waste paper pulp. Advantages:
  Mc Pressure Screen(Zys Series) Medium consistency screening, simplified flow, water and energy saving.
  Pressure Disc Filters Equipped with modern auto control system, greatly improving production efficiency
  Mc Pressure Screen Precision process with combination of 3rd generation mechanical coordination and auto welding, high strength of screen cylinder
  Agro Based Products High abrasive cylinder with latest cladding technology, precision and perfect process screen slot
  Multi-Disc Filters New rotor structure and section-shaped bars of cylinder; even distribution, efficient screening and high capacity.
  Mc Pressure Screen(Zys Series)
Model Unit ZYS40 ZYS80 ZYS120 ZYS200 ZYS250 ZYS300 ZYS400
Screen area   m2 0.4 0.8 1.2 2 2.5 3 4
Capacity   t/d 42~50 83~100 128~155 218~255 260~315 315~380 420~510
Hole spec   mm       Φ1.2~ Φ2.4      
Width of slot   mm       0.10-0.45      
Inlet consis   %       1~4.5      
Motor power   kW 45 90 110 160 200 250 315
  L mm 1800 2265 2650 2900 3010 3300 3510
External dimension W mm 850 1040 1455 1600 1810 1890 1920
  H mm 1460 1970 2285 2480 2640 2680 2890

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