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Alliance International is a leading pulp and paper mill machinery supplier. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery.

Paper Machine

We provide paper machine, assemblies and components including headbox.
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Paper Machine alliance Head Box
paper mill machinery paper mill machinery

Paper Machine
Pressurised Rectifier Rolls Head box

er and step diffuser to evenly distribute the stock.
Pressure balance inAdaptive Speed: 160-500M/min(designed on requirements).
Rigid upper and bottom slice.
CD basis weight micro-adjusters with dial indicator on profile bar.
Use tapered headdicator is mounted on the tapered header.
Adjustable basement.
Double action upper slice adjustment. The upper slice can be moved horizontally to adjust the landing point and jet angle.
Use PLC and computer control the total pressure and the stock level.
The operation is easy and reliable.
System control software uses FUZZY algorithm.

aillance Head Box Doctor Blade Safety

Basic Disposition

The headbox is made of stainless steel.
The shower pipe is made of stainless steel fitted with metal nozzle and water filter.
Use low voltage light illuminating the chamber.
The upper slice can be opened to 5-80 mm .
The part contacts with the stock is finely polished.

Option Disposition

Rectifier roll water seal unit.
Warm air front footwalks and ladders.
Digital slice opening indicator.
Different types of the adjustable basement.
Single or double action upper slice.
Motor slice adjusting unit.
Multi-fourdrinier paper machine type.

Dilution Hydraulic Head box

Use changeable inserter turbulent generator to provide better uniformity.
It suits to higher operating speed range(325-1200m/min. Designed on requirements)
Use intelligent dilution water control system which can obtains superior CD basis weight profile.
Reliable and easy to operate and maintain.
Use pulse attenuator which can decay the pulse in feed stock largely.
Uniform fiber-orientation.

Basic Disposition Option Disposition
The headbox chamber. distributor and turbulent generator arc made of stainless steel. Hot water system for thermal stability.
Revise linetype distributor can provide better CD basis weight profile. DCS interface. motor slice adjusting unit and tapered header auto balance unit.
The parts contact with the pulp are fine polished. Divider sheets.
Intelligence Dilution Adjusting Valve

Use new patent valve structure to adjust the opening degree linearly.
Resolution is 1/4000, insure precise adjusting ability.
The valve use no block structure . Channel is smooth, has no seal unit and converse angle, and won't hang up fiber and filler.
All intelligence valve which has good extended capability and can connect to QCS.
Use bus structure to connection. All valves only need four electric wires to connect to upper controller.
Easy to maintain, complete self check function.

Basic Disposition

All stainless steel no block patent valve .
Adjusting valve reserve manual operation/indication backup. lash-up to use when meet malfunction.
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