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Press & Dryer Parts

We provide press & dryer parts including suction press rolls, granite rolls, dryer felts and dryer screens.

Dryer Felts / Screens

We provide dryer felts and dryer screens including Single Layer, Double Layer, Tri Layer, Chemical Treatment, Paper Making Felt and Pulp Making Felt
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Dryer Felt

The dryer felt include BOB dryer felt, BOB dryer felt, spiral dryer felt, even dryer felt, anti-electricity dryer felt and seaming dryer felt. The five latters concentrate all excellencies of BOB dryer fabrics. Having the characters of good filterability, mark-free, heat-resistant and wet-resistant and anti-aging, even structure, wear-resistant, stable size, great strength, anti-high=pressure, easy to operation and long life. Anti-electricity dryer felt used specially for special tissue paper, having good characters of preventing paper breaking because of the electricity in dryer part.

aillance Dryer Felt aillance Dryer Felt
aillance Dryer Felt

aillance Dryer Felt

Spiral Dryer Fabrics

The spiral dryer fabric is made of different polyester thread by the process of winding, threading, setting, sealing. According the usage to produce kinds of dryer fabric with different filterability. Used in paper making, chemical industry, environment protection and other field as drying, filtering, translating. Having the characters of heat-resistant, good filterability, easy to operation, great strength, corruption-resistant, even surface etc.

Spiral Dryer Fabrics

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