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About Us - Paper Mill Machinery Supplier

Alliance International was established by a team of professionals from the pulp and paper industry. The team has been associated with paper industry in various capacities. They have technical, management and sales experience dating back over 25 years.

Engineering, marketing, sales management and procurement background gives us the ability to provide cost effective solutions in a professional and knowledgeable manner. We know our business, how our customers are organized and operate and what their requirements are with respect to quality. We are focussed on serving the customer. No wonder, we have experienced steady growth over the years.

In order to serve the customer better, we have established associate offices in China , Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Vision Statement

To become a quality single source solution provider for the pulp and paper industry by representing quality conscious manufacturers.

Position Statement


Representing Quality , Cost Effective and Latest Technology products for high results.


We believe engineering is the heart of our organization and stress the importance of obtaining print position. With this in mind, we emphasize that 70% of sales calls be made with Design Engineers. We believe technical seminars and engineering sales calls are imperative to be successful.


Alliance will only consider a new principal if their products are highy compatible with existing principals. Our philosophy is to multiplex. By doing this, we are able to discuss several principals during each engineering sales call and work at a high degree of efficiency.